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Interview with Mack - KryptStar Staking

This week we're interviewing Mack, the co-founder of KryptStar Staking, a Tezos baking service with an excellent and very active community where people discuss the potential of Tezos, new technologies, protocol updates and more. Stakeholders are also regularly informed with daily bakery health notifications, status updates, and earned rewards.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about KryptStar Staking?

We are a baking/staking based organization that also runs a Crypto youtube channel, Kryptstar staking. Previously known as “Tezos Japan” bakery, we have been staking on Tezos for 4 years now.

2. Why are you personally interested in cryptocurrencies and/or Blockchain?

I believe in freedom of choice, transparency and a limited supply of money. The fiscal printing is one of the reasons Terra Luna crashed and also the reason the global economy is going into a recession right now. Crypto can help solve the innate human issues that we have been struggling with for thousands of years. There are also many interesting things you can do with gaming when you have immutable ownership.

3. What was your first experience with crypto-currency or blockchain?

I ran a 12 GPU mining rig in my studio apartment in downtown Tokyo back in 2016/2017. I had just started working at an IT company and was learning about networking and firmware.

4. What do you currently consider to be the best blockchain project and why?

Currently, I don’t see a “best blockchain”, each blockchain still has major issues. Sometimes it’s one of the “trifecta” issues -> scalability, security and decentralization. Other times it's the development team focusing on issues way down the line rather than focusing on the present-day issues. For gaming, currently, I like Tezos and Ethereum the best. Tezotopia and Phantom Galaxies are blockchain games that have great communities as well as extremely creative and interesting business perspectives.

5. If you could change one thing about blockchain and crypto in general, what would it be?

I would love to have less “clan-ism” when it comes to blockchains. I think interoperability should be included in the “trifecta” of blockchain issues, and this “clan-ism” psychology is a large blocker for this. If interoperability was recognized widely as a problem that needed to be solved, then clan-ism wouldn’t be an issue(I understand the trifecta issues tend to block each other and that is why it is the dilemma).

User-friendliness is the main point that should be focused on when building on a blockchain. That means mobile apps, blocktime, and dumbing down of terminology for the masses should be the main features.

6. What would you like to see implemented in blockchain? Either in your own project, in your favorite blockchain or in blockchain in general.

One thing I would like is for blockchains such as Tezos and Ethereum to reach out to blockchains and use them for other solutions such as IPFS/compute and storage. Blockchains such as Siacoin, Filecoin, EverScale and ICP. Each blockchain has its strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to work together to solve issues.

This is one reason I really encourage people to go cross-blockchain and work with the strengths of other blockchains to make their own chain stronger and increase the user base.

7. What is a question you most often ask in relation to cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

Will This blockchain have a use case in 10 years? Do its founders have such a hold on the blockchain, that if something happens to them, the project will die?

8. What is the most common problem you have with blockchains/cryptocurrencies?

One issue I see is something called “clan-ism”, a sort of racism towards other blockchains.

8.1 What is the solution to that problem?

Encourage interoperability, educate people to be open to ideas and other use cases for blockchain. Don’t get too emotionally attached to a blockchain and try to investigate blockchains out of your comfort zone. Sometimes there is tech that isn’t quite blockchain(such as DAG for example), always remember tech is evolving and we should try not to get stuck in the past.

8.2 How difficult is it to find a solution to that problem?

It depends on the culture of the blockchain community and if it is open to new ideas.

9. How would you (or how did you) solve this problem?

Talked about this above. Personally, I go to meetups for other blockchains to see how their community views new ideas and overcomes issues that their blockchain has.

10. Where do you think that blockchain could be best utilized?

Recently I had a talk with a medical professional here in Tokyo and he mentioned using blockchain for EHR’s (electronic medical records). You could keep your medical records confidential on the blockchain, and open visibility to those records only to people you want to see them. It would also allow you to deny visibility of those records when you see fit. I think this would be really useful for long-term medical record-keeping and personal medical privacy.

11. Where do you see the future of blockchain?

Personally, I see it being used for all sorts of monetary, gaming and record-keeping purposes in the future. Many things in life need a trustless, interoperable and private way of doing transactions and blockchain is a great solution for that.

Thanks to Mack for having this interview with us. If you are looking for a reliable baking service, we recommend you take a look at KryptStar. You can also check out their Telegram Community. Do you know of an interesting blockchain project that would be interested in having an interview with us? Feel free to send me an email, we’d love to hear your thoughts and publish them on our blog. To read more about Tezos and the TezEdge node, subscribe to our Medium, follow us on Twitter or visit our GitHub.

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